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Regn. No. 1178/84

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Indian Association For Social Psychiatry

The Indian Association for Social Psychiatry (IASP) completed its 25 years of existence in 2009. The Association was registered on 6 June 1984 (Regn. No. 1178/84) under Societies Act.

The Association came into being following certain fortuitous circumstance, a transcultural Psychiatric Meet, which was held in Madurai in August 1981 under the Chairmanship of Professor A. Venkoba Rao. At that meeting it was generally felt by many professionals that there was a great need in the country to have a separate professional organization for social and/or transcultural psychiatry. Such an organization could also examine the interface between culture and personality and be conducive to the scientific study of the social issues relevant to the country and the society, in addition to examining the social and transcultural factors in the phenomenology, course, outcome and treatment of psychiatric disorders. The organization would primarily attempt academic and intellectual exercises and bring a multidisciplinary approach to bear on these issues.

In January 1982, an ad hoc committee was formed to usher in the new organization. After a preparatory phase of approximately two years, at a historic meeting held in Ranchi on 14 January 1984, the Indian Association for Social Psychiatry was formed, its constitution and by-laws adopted and the office-bearers selected. Dr. A. Venkoba Rao was the first President of the Association and served in that capacity between 1984 and 1986. The first issue of the Indian Journal of Social Psychiatry was published in 1986 under the editorship of Dr. B.B.Sethi.

The Purposes and objectives of the Association as outlined in its Constitution are:

  • To study the nature of man and his cultures and the prevention and treatment of his vicissitudes and behavior disorders.
  • To promote national and international collaboration among professionals and societies in fields related to social psychiatry.
  • To make the knowledge and practice of social psychiatry available to professionals in social psychiatry and other sciences and to the public by such methods as scientific meetings and publications.
  • To advance the physical, social, psychological and philosophic well-being of mankind by such methods as promotion of research and deliberations into it.
  • To extend consultations and carry out charitable and voluntary work for the furtherance of the objectives mentioned above.
  • To do all such things and matters that are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objectives.
  • Constitution

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